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Business English is becoming increasingly important nowadays. If you need accurate information on your abilities in English you are welcome to take the Toeic test at your regional Test center IIK-Düsseldorf where regular test sessions are organized. Additional Toeic test sessions for companies are organized on request.I

The TOEIC test is not a test you can "pass" or "fail". It simply measures different levels of English proficiency. Since every candidate is interested in achieving a good result, special TOEIC preparation courses which start 2 weeks before the actual test can be attended at the IIK-Testzentrum.

The TOEIC test consists of a Listening an Reading Comprehension section. It was designed to meet the needs of the working world and quickly became the global standard for assessing English in work-related contexts. It is suitable for all lines of business and gives reliable scores.

Candidates receive an official record of their scores. The levels table sent with the results enables candidates to situate themselves on an internationally recognized scale and gives examples of tasks that can be performed at each level. This is valuable for those people who need to have an internationally recognized measure of English proficiency for their job applications or curriculum vitae.

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