Toeic-Testzentrum IIK Düsseldorf

How can I prepare for the TOEIC?

Intensive preparation course at the IIK Düsseldorf

Individual aids for preparation


Online Placement test
Test your English proficiency (test will be evaluated immediately).

Online preparation for the TOEIC test
Are you ready to take the TOEIC test - the Test of English for International Communication? Make sure you are by taking the TOEIC practice test, TOEIC Mirror. Developed by the makers of the TOEIC test, TOEIC Mirror is designed to help prepare you for the real thing.

Text books for preparation

  • "Target Score. Student's Book. A communicative course for the TOEIC Test preparation. 2nd edition."
    ISBN: 978-0521706643
    available at amazon
  • "600 Essential Words for the TOEIC"
    ISBN: 978-0764175381
    available at Amazon

Where can I register for the TOEIC?

Either directly online or in the Office.

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